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Posted by on May 6, 2016

2016 International Drone Day – Saturday May 7

2016 International Drone Day – Saturday May 7

Thousands of drone enthusiasts, pilots and hobbyists around the globe are expected to participate in the 2nd annual International Drone Day event on Saturday, May 7, spearheaded by David & Sarah Oneal with That Drone Show. Events are meant to educate and demonstrate how useful, practical, fun and safe drones are for interested attendees wishing to learn more.


A truly “International” event, the International Drone Day events are organized and managed by local groups all over the globe on almost every continent – from Australia to Nigeria; Brazil to Maldives; Alaska to Nigeria; Mexico to South Korea and all over the US and eastern Europe.

D-S-OnThe event started in 2015 by David and Sarah Oneal with That Drone Show and has nearly doubled in size for 2016.

“Over 40,000 drones are sold each and every month, people love flying them however many people fear drones and work to pass laws banning drones.

“If nothing is done, the probable almost certain future is that there will be less and less places to legally fly and the world will loose out on the many amazing things drones can do for the world.

“So we created a day to celebrate drones and their uses and to educate the media, public and local governments about the many good things drones are used for. We have 150 simultaneous events happening all at the same time on Saturday May 7 2016.” – David & Sarah Oneal

Check out this global map to locate and attend an event happening near you on Saturday!

For more information about International Drone Day events, their sponsors and press coverage for past events, check out their website or participate on the IDD Facebook page.