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Posted by on Nov 4, 2015

B-Unstoppable the World’s First TankCopter Drone

B-Unstoppable the World’s First TankCopter Drone

I’ve been following the folks at B Go Beyond for awhile now as I’ve seen their “flying car” concepts evolve to what is now a crowdfunding campaign to get their latest concept to production. The B-Unstoppable TankCopter is a radio-controlled hybrid land & air craft that quickly transforms from a dual tracked tank on the ground to an airborne quadcopter at the flick of a switch on the remote.

The controls for the quadcopter are a familiar configuration one might be used to, but flicking the mode switch converts it to a dual channel controller with a separate stick for each track that allows the ultimate maneuverability.

xr92k8caqf5xjeijhkckThe B-Unstoppable is lightweight yet strong enough to endure a bit of abuse, lasting up to 9 min flight time and 12-20 minutes of driving time (average 13-15min total combined per charge)

There are three configurations available as contribution rewards through their Indigogo campaign: $89 Basic craft and controller; $119 + 1280×720 camera; $159 +5.8 GHz video TX & RX, 1280×720 camera and 4.3″ FPV screen.

Camera resolution HD 1280×720 and supports up to 32GB microSD (class 10 or higher).  The FPV system is 20mW 5.8 GHz TX and RX with a true, no latency FPV monitoring on a 4.3″ 8 channel bright screen that allows you to view live FPV to the monitor and record to the microSD card directly on the craft itself.

As you can see they’ve been developing the B-Unstoppable for some time and the prototypes are fully functional, so this is one crowdfunding campaign I am confident will actually deliver as promised. Projected production schedule to be completed and shipping to backers by March, 2016

While this first concept releases as a toy with FPV capabilities, it’s the sign of an evolutionary drone future where similar systems might be developed for more serious deployments for commercial and industrial applications, such as data collection, reconnaissance, surveying and more.

I’m looking forward to giving this a thorough testing and review once available. Stay tuned.