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Posted by on Aug 7, 2015

How do waypoints work for DJI Phantoms?

A really neat feature that is coveted by drone makers is fully autonomous flying. I say “coveted” because it’s “sort” of there. First of all what is it?

You can open a map and set points on the map for the drone to fly to. There are called waypoints. Once you have plotted your waypoints, the copter can fly on a preset path all by itself. You can also set the altitude and speed of the course.

With the Phantom 2 using the older DJI Vision app, you have the ability to set these way points. I have included a video here on how to set it up and fly as well as some things to watch for.

There has been a lot of talk about the newly announced Phantom 3 standard and it’s abilities. What makes me laugh is that some news sites have reported about its abilities and how the Advanced and Pro can’t do them yet. Please (popular photography sites that will remain unnamed) actually try and fly one of these before you start writing misleading articles.  Let me clear this up, neither can the standard… yet. DJI has released the new DJI Go app which will work on all 3 flavors or P3 as well as the Inspire. I have flown my Phantom 3 Pro and Inspire 1 with the new app and firmware. I can confirm that these features are announced, but not yet activated.

What the DJI Go app is promising looks good. You will be able to draw a path with your finger on the map and then your copter will fly this path. I hope that the ability to yaw and change camera angle will be possible for the phantom during automated flights. Inspire pilots don’t have to worry, because you have full independent control over the camera.

Ill keep you updated when this is available.