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Posted by on Oct 29, 2015

STEMI the Hexapod Robot kit that teaches STEM concepts

STEMI the Hexapod Robot kit that teaches STEM concepts

STEMI is a Hexapod Robot you can make on your own at home. Create Your Robot while learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education).


I see a lot of interesting crowdfunding projects and of course anything drone or robotic related will catch my eye, but the STEMI project on Indigogo was especially intriguing to me because of the educational aspect. The creators have developed an educational system that incorporates building a small robot you control with your smartphone – and geared toward teens but fun and rewarding for any age.

Here’s the promo video from their crowdfunding page on Indigogo:

lwgiqiwmcapk2gcsrjdzSTEMI will be capable of several programmable and controllable movements – each will teach the user new concepts. By building STEMI you will learn 3D modelling, electronics, arduino programming and mobile app programming.

Since we strongly believe that knowledge should be available to everyone, we will make the entire platform Open Access. Also, we made all the blueprints, 3D models and the source code available for everyone to use and customize.

And the STEMI project is a spin-off from a non-profit organization for educational technology, called Bura Znanja (“Wind of Knowledge” in Croatian). Many of their crowdfunding perks allow contributors to donate kits to those in need of a creative and rewarding educational experience.

Click here for more details and to follow the progress of their crowdfunding campaign (already over 100% funded at the time of this article). I certainly will be following this and hope to do a review on STEMI once it’s finally shipping.