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Posted by on Apr 27, 2016

HD FPV for Drone Racing is right around the corner!

HD FPV for Drone Racing is right around the corner!

FPV drone racing has been lacking only one element so far and that is clear, high quality HD video feed from the racing drone to the pilot’s goggles and monitors. On May 10th, CONNEX is going to change all that!

To date, only a low-quality SD video signal at a relatively short range has been available for FPV racers – with an image quality akin to old B&W TV sets with rabbit ears from the 1970s. Often times, signal loss, noise and static reduce the pilot’s abilities to see a clear flight path and can often lead to misjudgements and crashes. Plus with the popularity of the sport with the ability to stream live FPV to a viewing audience online and on big screens at live events, having a quality HD video stream from each racing quad will heighten the excitement and enjoyment for the viewing audience – in addition to a clear image for the pilot’s control.

hd-fpv-connex1-840x840Coming on May 10th, CONNEX will introduce a lightweight and affordable solution with the Mini HD for Drone Racing.

If you’d like to connect with CONNEX directly to be apprised of the information on this new product and technology, sign up here on their website.

And stay tuned here, as we will be reviewing one of the first early-release products from CONNEX!